A volta grande do Xingu


October 3, 2019

Okay, the plan is made, you rent a vehicle at rental24h, and you are going on the long journey along with family. You plan to use gadgets, listen to music, speak with family, and do all kind of stuff for fun. But you realize, the journey is so long that there is still time left after all these activities. You wonder, which productive things can you do while on the family road trip? You do not need to think about it, as we have a list of productive things for you!




  1. Once you rent a vehicle at rental24h, the first thing you need to do is to put books inside. Books will be the best friends of you, as soon as you get bored from other activities, you should start turning the pages. Once you start reading, time will pass by quickly and when you realize it, your knowledge will be enhanced and you have already feed positive energy to you be enhanced.


  1. Capture ready! Carry a camera with you, carefully view the nature and when you find a beautiful display of nature, hit the shoot button. Mountains, greenery, sunrise, sunset, rain, and much more nature holds for you! Capture wonderful scenes and make lifetime memories.


  1. Watch lectures and videos on your topic of interest. Do not confuse it with listening to music and watching a movie. The lecture is a completely different phenomenon. Listening to your favourite speaker while travelling gives you a new perspective, your mind can fully focus on the topic, and rather time killing, you make the best out of time! Make sure you download lectures a day before you go on the road trip, this will make you free from network and internet issues.

  1. If you love writing, take notes! Writing while travelling is a difficult task. However, you can observe things around you and your mind will show you the creative ideas. As soon as the idea is born in your mind, take a note of it! Later on, you will realize, how helpful it was. So make your observation strong, take notes, and put the creativity bulb on in your mind!


  1. Relive your memories by watching old pictures of you! Yeah, this will help you to measure your progress over the years, you will relive old memories, and perhaps you find old relations once you see the pictures. This will trigger you to contact old friends and you will able to restate your relations. Or else, you find funny old moments with existing friends, and you can share these nostalgic pictures with your friends!



When you go on a long road trip family,  and you have done all the things which I have mentioned you know to the game in car make trip more productive. When you rent a vehicle at rental24, you get many facilities and opportunities to do many things, and you don’t get bored in that vehicle. And You can play variety of games in that vehicle but here I am mentioning some and best:

  1. SPY GAMES: You can play spy games during your journey in the car, and personally it is my favourite one. In this game, you will have to find things, colours etc in cars.
  2. THINKING GAME: In this game, you will have to think about something like colours and tell your family then your family will ask questions about that word.
  3. EYE TO EYE GAME: I don’t know you have played this game before or not, I have played this game. You can play this game in the car. In this game, two people are needed who look in each others’ eyes and will not blink. And when one of them will blink, he/she will lose the game.


These activities are productive, but you should not forget that you are on a family road trip. Ask questions to your loved ones, have a great conversation with them, and be present in the current moment. And don’t forget to rent a vehicle at rental24, which will definitely make your trip a remarkable one and live the present moment at best.


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