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Two Weeks of Students Trip in the USA

October 15, 2019

Students have to discover new experiences. Going to another country and learning something new is a wonderful memory for them. The USA cannot be missed from the list of their trip. This country will not help them to see the wonderful buildings and history, but it helps them to know the outstanding universities in the world. Spending two weeks in the USA could open your eyes to the world. Finding car rental for under 21 helps you to visit more destinations on the spot.

The first week in the USA

Since students’ energy still full, let them start to explore Los Angeles and San Diego in their first week. Exploring the beach and Californa’s perfect weather will help them to relax. Walk around to Balboa Park and touch down to 15 museums around. If your school does not help you with stunning meals, you can find car rental for under 21 which would help you to go to the Gaslamp Quarter. Spot many delicious foods here and enjoy the nightlife. Here are what you have to do in the day after:

  1. Visit Prescott. It is time to feel the ride in Arizona. Stop in Imperial Sand Dunes which becomes the


October 3, 2019

Okay, the plan is made, you rent a vehicle at rental24h, and you are going on the long journey along with family. You plan to use gadgets, listen to music, speak with family, and do all kind of stuff for fun. But you realize, the journey is so long that there is still time left after all these activities. You wonder, which productive things can you do while on the family road trip? You do not need to think about it, as we have a list of productive things for you!




  1. Once you rent a vehicle at rental24h, the first thing you need to do is to put books inside. Books will be the best friends of you, as soon as you get bored from other activities, you should start turning the pages. Once you start reading, time will pass by quickly and when you realize it, your knowledge will be enhanced and you have already feed positive energy to you be enhanced.


  1. Capture ready! Carry a camera with you, carefully view the nature and when you find a beautiful display of nature, hit the shoot button. Mountains, greenery, sunrise, sunset, rain,